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Camper Trailers

Camping trailer CPT-03

Camping Trailer RC-CPT-04B (AL cover)

Camping Trailer RC-CPT-04C

Hard Floor Camper Trailer RC-CPT-04

Hot Dipped Galvanized Trailer CPT-05

Powder Coated Camper Trailer CPT-05

Camping Trailer RC-CPT-07

Camping Trailer MS-CPT-08

Extended Camping Trailer CPT-08

Powder Coated Camper Trailer CPT-10

Camping Trailer MS-CPT-11

Boats Trailers

MS3300 Boat Trailer

MSQ3600 Boat Trailer

MSQ4300 Boat Trailer

MS4800 Boat Trailer

MSQ5200 Boat Trailer

MS5500 Boat Trailer

MSQ6800 Boat Trailer

MS6900 Boat Trailer: (two axle)

MS8500 Boat Trailer (two axle)

Double Jetski Trailer

Single Jetski Trailer

Single Jetski Trailer-Powder Coated

Cargo Trailer

Atv Trailer with Aluminum Cover

ATV Trailer - Cargo Trailer

Steel Tool Box Trailer

Box Trailer with Tool-box

Box Trailer with Nets

Fiberglass Trailers

Fiberglass Camper Trailer CPT-11A

Fiberglass Luggage Trailer

Fiberglass Motocycle Trailer MS-MT-02


Trailer Parts

Yacht Trailer MS4800 / Boat Trailers


MS4800 Yacht Trailer/ Boat Trailers

Suit for the boat:4.2-4.8m/14-16 feet
Length:5.2m/17 feet
Width:1.6m/5.25 feet


Tail light: LED
Hub,rim,axle,leaf spring:hot dipped galvanized
Loading capacity: 800kg

Optional for MS4800 Yacht Trailer:

dis brake system(hot dipped galvanized)


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